Highlands LOVE their food and will do almost anything to get it!
They also enjoy a good neck rub Keep your head down Mum - oooh that's good!
and taking us for a walk. Everyone gets involved at our place - even the cats! Highland cows make great mums.
Iain-Macky - our herd sire. He's a real honey. The girls love him (& so do we)
Bessie - Queen of the paddock Annie - Champion Female & Best Breeding animal, Bay of Islands A&P show 2011.
Bubbles - Alright I'll let you pat me, but don't think I'm getting up for it! Come and get me..... if you dare!!
Tara - the first to greet you in the paddock. A darling. Bubbles - Champion Female - Kaikohe 2009. And soooo sweet, too..